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Al Funghi
Mushrooms, mushrooms and mushrooms with cracked pepper to bring out the flavour. Magic!
Small $10 Medium $15.5 Large $24

Apricot Chicken
A delicious combination of chicken, tomato, mushrooms, celery, topped off with Spag's homemade apricot sauce. Hard to beat!
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Asparagus served with red onion and crumbled feta cheese.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26.5

Bacon and Asparagus
Bacon and asparagus garnished with cracked pepper
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

BBQ Chicken
Chicken, bacon, capsicum, onions, topped with Spag's special BBQ sauce.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Broccoli and Blue Cheese
Broccoli, blue cheese and sliced pear. Garnished with walnut and parsley.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26.5

Canterbury Roast Lamb
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in lemon and herbs, with an array of oven roasted seasonal vegetables and a dash of rosemary and mint sauce.
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Pronounce it if you can! Bacon, mushrooms, fresh sliced tomato, capsicum, black olives.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Chicken and Cranberry
Shredded chicken breast with cream cheese, a sprinkling of cashew nuts, more delicious cranberry sauce and parsley. 'Mangiati il fegato'
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Spag's own special pizza sauce, ham and cheese.
Small $12 Medium $15.5 Large $24

Hawaiian Pizza
A favourite with the all the family. Lashings of ham and pineapple.
Small $10.5 Medium $16 Large $24.5

Freshly sliced tomatoes, sauce and cheese topped with a sprinkle of sweet basil.
Small $10.5 Medium $16 Large $24.5

Meat Lovers
A mouth-watering medley of seasoned topside beef, bacon, pepperoni and cabbanosy with Spag's own BBQ Sauce.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Mediterranean Lamb
Lemon and herb marinated lamb on a chutney base, topped with feta and red onions.
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Spag's own chilli sauce. Seasoned topside, red kidney beans, capsicum, topped off with sour cream.
Small $11.5 Medium $17 Large $25.5

Garlic salami, fresh sliced tomatoes, capsicum, herbs - delicimo!
Small $11.5 Medium $17 Large $25.5

New Yorker
Experience a slice of 'The Big Apple'. Authentic pepperoni over our own special pizza sauce and cheese.
Small $10 Medium $15.5 Large $24

Original Vegetarian
Onion, mushroom, fresh sliced tomato and capsicum. Every bit as good as it sounds!
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25

Pepperoni nestled between sliced onions and freshly sliced tomato.
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25

Porto Fino
Bacon, sliced mushrooms and prawns. Where the surf meets the turf.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Prosciutto ham, mushrooms and cracked pepper. Topped with parsley
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Roast Vegan (Vegan)
Tomato base sauce, seasoned roast veges, mushrooms, Angel Bay mozzarella
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Roast Vege
A selection of oven roasted seasonal vegetables, mushrooms. Finished with garic aioli. A delectable combination any time of the year.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26.5

Satay Chicken
Shredded chicken breast served with onion and capsicum. Finished with satay sauce and parsley.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Seafood marinara mix including mussels, shrimps, squid and clams. Topped off with seafood sauce.
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25

Smoked Salmon
Fresh Akaroa Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, finished with lemon juice and a sprinkling of chives.
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Spags Special
Our all time favourite! Bacon, pepperoni, sliced onions, freshly sliced tomato and mushrooms. World Famous!
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26

Thai Chicken
Chicken with Thai sweet chilli sauce, freshly diced capsicum and onions.
Small $11.5 Medium $17 Large $25.5

Three Cheeses and Spinach
Blue cheese, feta cheese and parmesan. Served with spinach and roasted garlic.
Small $12 Medium $17.5 Large $26.5

Trio Napoli
The Italian trio from the southern town of Naples - Anchovies, olives and capers.
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25

Vegan Greens (Vegan)
Tomato base sauce, spinach, tomato, olives, Angel Food mozzarella, parsley, cashews
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Vegan Margherita (Vegan)
Tomato base, freshly sliced tomato, basil, cracked pepper, Angel Food mozzarella.
Small $12.5 Medium $18 Large $26.5

Pepperoni, Jalepenos (hot) and lava (hot spags chilli). Get the drift?
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25

Popeye's favourite! Chopped spinach, mushrooms, cream cheese and olives.
Small $11 Medium $16.5 Large $25


Beef Lasagne
Our own beef lasagne served hot in an individual oven dish. $19

Spagalimis Bolognaise
A delicious bolognaise sauce served through seasoned topside beef and garnished with parsley. $20

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Served with Spaghetti. A bolognaise sauce served with delicious meatballs and garnished with parsley $18.5

Vege Lasagne
A selection of fresh vegetables layered between pasta sheets, served with Napoletana sauce and a sprinkle of cheese. A delicious vegetarian option. $19


Cajun Wedges
Cajun wedges cooked in 100% vegetable oil, served with sweet chilli and sour cream. $8.5

Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders wedges served with tasty BBQ sauce. $8.5

Garlic Bread
Fresh bread sticks brushed with our own garlic butter. $5.5

Italian Flat Bread
Fresh pizza bread with kalamata olives,herbs and parmesan cheese $13.5

Kumara Chips
Delicious kumara chips cooked to perfection and served with sweet thai chilli sauce. $8

Lemon Pepper Wedges
Lemon Pepper Potato Wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. $8.5

Plain Wedges
For those who don't like spice in their life! Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. $8

Spags Chips
Seasoned chips cooked in 100% vegetable oil, served with Spags sweet and sour sauce. $8.5

Vegetable Delights
Bite sized filo wraps filled with veges and a hint of peanut! Served with sweet thai chilli sauce. 12 filo wraps per serve. $7.5


Baby Spinach Salad
Baby spinach leaves, red onion and sliced tomato. Served with Balsamic vinegar. $10.5

Ceaser Salad
Cos lettuce with caesar dressing, croutons and bacon. $18.5

Green Salad
Mixed lettuce leaves served with a dressing. $7

Mixed lettuce with feta, olives, red onion, roasted pepper and french dressing. $18.5

Wild Fare Pizza

Garlic and Chilli Prawn
Sweet thai chilli pizza base with prawns, spinach and roasted garlic. Topped with seafood mariana sauce. $26.5

Succulent lamb pieces served with roasted red peppers, feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, herbs and minted garlic. $26.5

Lime Chicken
Shredded chicken breast doused in lime infused olive oil topped with capsicum, red onions, and mild red peppers. Served with a wedge of fresh lime. $26.5

Little Italy
Chopped spinach, sliced tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, topped with red onion and feta cheese. $26.5

Roast Pork
Tender pork pieces nestled between seasonal roast veges finished with parsley and apple sauce. $26.5

The Anti-Pasto
Anti-pasto on a chutney pizza base. Pepperoni, gherkins, red peppers, kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. $26.5

Vege Patch
Spinach, feta onion, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, field mushrooms and finished with garlic aioli $26.5

Wild venison served with kalamata olives, red onion, feta, roasted garlic, and topped with plum sauce and parsley. $26.5